Clean sandstone countertops: Rejuvenate your sandstone countertops

Clean sandstone countertops: Rejuvenate your sandstone countertops

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Sandstone countertops can wither with consistent use and also get damaged if not cleaned properly on time. Here are some excellent household cleaning tips to shine your sandstone countertops.

If you want to maintain the beauty of sandstone, its finish, texture and versatility, you should take special care.

Most people think that sandstone is a hard stone and doesn’t require any care. However, this is not true. This stone has its own weak part including its porous structure. This structure lets moisture absorption. Once this stone absorbs moisture, it can result into discoloration and chemical stains. These stains usually become an integral part of the stone. You need to protect the stone and take special care to clean it properly. Never ever use any type of cleanser or cleaning technique.

Some sort of negligence with these cleansers can result into some serious mistakes. Hence, you should always check the label on the product prior to using and testing. In case you find some sort of reaction, you should stop using the product immediately.

Once you have sealed your countertop, you can protect it via using some simple cleaning methods. Sealing is very important to protect the surface once it is installed. A seal lasts for many years. You need to be very cautious while working with sandstone countertops.

Wipe off any spills immediately. Never ever let them sit. Always use PH cleaners and mild untinted and unscented detergents for cleaning sandstone daily. You can also use mild liquid meant for dish washing for cleaning sandstone surfaces.

Never ever use acidic cleaners to clean sandstone countertops. These cleaners tend to etch and remove polished surface.

You should always rinse the stone and grout thoroughly. Don’t let any of the cleaner sit on the surface. Use a soft bristled toothbrush to remove debris if any prior to cleaning. If you find a stain too stubborn, don’t scratch. Just repeat the mild cleaning, rinsing and drying process.

Heavy duty cleaning may be necessary sometimes. Here you need to use PH balanced cleaners. You can purchase scouring beads and pastes specially made for heavy duty cleaning. You should not forget to use soft bristled toothbrush to remove stuck on debris. Let the cleaner to sit for some time. Rinsing the countertop thoroughly is very important here.

Research a lot before settling for a particular cleaner. Here are certain things you need to consider prior to purchasing a sandstone cleaner.

a) The sandstone cleaner should be neutral.
b) The cleaner you use should not contain acid or citrus. These contents may damage the polish and finish of the surface.
c) You should take special care when using a vacuum cleaner as the metal attachments. This may scratch the surface.
d) Never ever use scouring powders or creams because these products contain abrasives and result in surface scratch.
e) Avoid using coasters under glasses.
f) Never place hot pans or utensils directly on sandstone countertops. Always use trivet or mats under them.

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